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31 Mar 2016

=Traditional Witchcraft=

I know it can be difficult to find free real witchcraft spells, so now are 2 which you can use. In witchcraft, rituals will often be used instead of simple spells, but free real witchcraft spells can be useful whenever you do not have the time or even the resources to execute a full ritual. The important thing to those 2 spells, just as with rituals as well as any other free real witchcraft spells could be the energy you set with it. While these spells, you must put emotion into them and let that emotion go once finished and allow the spell do it's work.

Spell To draw in Money:

On the alter place a green candle from the center. Right of the candle, convey a twenty dollar bill. Between you and your candle, convey a bit of pyrite or fools gold. On the left with the candle put your incense burner using a bit of charcoal inside it. When prepared to start the spell, light the charcoal and the candle and place basil about the charcoal.

Chant the following while holding the money you want in mind.

Supply money to live comfortably

Bring enough money in my opinion

I would like money to bay what I'm desiring

And that i could use much more

I am a good person, I deserve these funds

So playing will likely be cheerful and sunny.

A Spell For Happiness:

Collect three chords of thin string, one black, one blue, and something purple. While thinking about happiness, tightly braid a few chords together. Firmly tie a knot near the end from the braided chord while continuing to hold positive thoughts of happiness. Tie six more knots inside the string while still holding the positive energy and happiness thoughts. Carry the chord together with you until happiness is loaded in your daily life. Then position the chord within a rut or offer it to at least one with the elements and burn it. Then scatter the ashes within a river or stream.

These are several free real witchcraft spells. You'll find hundreds more if you undertake your research. Ultimately you need to hire a company who can teach you the fundamental aspects of as being a real witch. Then you can start to make your own spells and know what plants and herbs, colors, stones, and various other elements to add together in order to get the actual result that you are looking for.

=Mastering Witchcraft Reading=


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